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Review – Ventaglio Animal Crossing

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Hello everybody 😀

Questa mattina ho ricevuto, il ventaglio di animal crossing che avevo ordinato gratis (con la raccolta punti) del sito della nintendo. è super kawaii! Vi lascio un paio di foto! Mi piace tantissimo! Penso che sarà una delle prime cose che userò quando ci sarà un’afa insopportabile 😉


Informazioni su Zuli-Sakura

Ummmh, what can I say? I consider myself as an artist. I'm 18 years old blogger.I'm very interested in art, especially in japanese art! I love it! ummh... in my free time i like to cook (but,i'm not very good, ok,I suck!) i also like to read a lot of books, my favourite is Harry Potter,and now i'm starting to reading some books of Banana Yoshimoto..ummh,i love watching anime and read mangas. I also listen to a lot of music,my favorite group are paramore,but i like all the old music, and i don't dislike and kind. I'm very open minded.I love make up,fashion and travels. What i wanna do in my blog? I just wanna write a few things that i like to share with other bloggers,and of course i wanna have fun! I believe in love,in the beauty of the heart.I believe in God. I believe I have the power to build my self up or down, i can destroy my self or stay positive.This is my strenght. so..that's all! If you wanna know more about me,just read my blog.. Xo Xo Sakura. P.s. All that is write here is my personal opinion.The items are personally bought my ME. Opinion are personal.if i don't like a thing it doesen't mean that you don't have to buy it.


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